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Baggio at 8 Weeks

Baggio at 11 Years

Breed: Domestic Shorthair CatGender: Male
Favorite Food: He was just switched to Flint River Ranch, and loves it. I can't seem to give him enough. He wasn't eating his previous food, and I had no choice. I thought he was sick and got worried. It was definitely the food.

I am quite pleased with the food. My cat is even more pleased, such that he wants more. I don't know what to do. Just now he was running with my husband, jumping on the bed, like a kitten, and he ran so fast. He wants to play. Before when he was eating the other food, he was practically hiding and wasn't happy with it. He would smell it and walk away. I am glad I thought about the food, as he practically attacked when I fed him the FRR, and I am positive it was the food. What is in this food that is so good?
Special Skills or Responsibilities: He is very smart, and understands many things you tell him, such as, "Sit down" and "I will brush you" and "On the bed." He does just what you tell him.
Story: I found him just before the photo was taken, and he was close to death. I saved him through feeding by bottle. He is now 11 1/2.

He got the name from an Italian soccer player. As seen in the photo, there was a World cup soccer game on, and he was chasing the ball that was on the TV, but couldn't catch it.

Staff: Mary Lupo
Home: Brooklyn, NY
Date Entered into Gallery: November 29, 2005

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