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Boots - the Hunter
Boots at 16 Years

Breed: Maine Coon MixWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Chinese roast pork, bacon, salmon.
Favorite Activities: Hunting and catching voles and mice.
Favorite Place to Sleep: In the summer, the computer chair. In the winter he likes to sleep with us. And when the wood stove is lit, he likes to sleep close to it.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Being a loving and caring pussycat.
Story: On a cold October morning he rode into the parking lot at Philip Morris, my work place, on the motor of a green pickup truck. He was discovered walking around the parking lot, as people gathered around. No one knew his origin, so I brought him home. He was about 6 weeks old.

Staff: Henry Randolph
Home: Richmond, VA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 1, 2005

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