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With Laurella - "That Feels Good!"
Shadow at 10 Months

Tai Chi Day with Mike
Shadow at 11 Months

Breed: German Shepherd DogGender: Male
Favorite Food: Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble covered with some beef juice.
Favorite Activities: Chasing balls, trying to figure out how to get out of the yard, digging up and consuming mice... Not a serious bone in his body, except when someone comes to the door (a new toy) - everything is a potential toy.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Our bedroom, on his mat, which he tows into the rest of the house when ticked off about something.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: Guards the house. Everyone thinks he's a wolf, and we don't argue. He will backpack water on walks.
Story: Rescue dog - abandoned by 6 families, the 6th one abandoning him at a vet's office down in California. He was nuttier than a fruitcake when we got him, totally crazy, nearly impossible to control. He flunked obedience school the first time, passed the second time.
We've watched Dog Whisperer, and had to work a LOT on this pooch, but he is so calm now, and so much fun. We've used the Tritronics dog training collar and it helps a lot.

Staff: Mike and Laurella Pickett
Home: Colville, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 1, 2005

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