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Dressed Up for the Big Game
Lucky (left) and Tyson

Breed: BoxerGender: Male
Favorite Food: They both love Flint River Ranch Puppy and Adult Kibble.

Breed: BoxerGender: Male
Story: Lucky was born with demodex and was seriously neglected by the breeders. Rescue took him in when he was about a year (last April). We rescued him just before Memorial Day Weekend. He was completely naked up all four paws and legs, his complete underbelly, entire chest and neck, up both sides of his little face, and the big spot on top of his head was naked, too. I finished the Mitaban dips after about 12 weeks. He is still pretty thin in the "hair department" around his face and chest and belly and shins. He also was full of tape worms, which we discovered after having him a month. I know white Boxers are prone to difficient immune systems, so I was wondering if there was something that would help him get his coat in and keep him better protected from illness. So far, he has been healthy and is a hearing and sighted white Boxer (unusual, we know). He may have a little hearing loss in one ear (can't tell if he's just being stubborn... hee hee), but he does hear just fine. Even if he never gets any better (his coat), he's still beautiful to me!

Staff: Annette LaRocca
Home: Petersburg, MI
Date Entered into Gallery: December 21, 2005

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