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"Silly Matt - can't beat dog at this game!"
Kenja at 5 Years

Kenja the Lifeguard
"Hang on, I'll be right there!"

"Silly owners, always take breaks while hiking!"

"You guys ready?"

Breed: Golden RetrieverGender: Male
Favorite Food: I love Flint River Ranch Kibble! I'm so glad Mom's cousin told us about it. Actually, she recommended it for Gram's dog Stubby for his skin allergy - Gram doesn't have Internet (or computer, for that matter!), so Mom ordered it for me and Stubby!
Special Skills or Responsibilities: I'm an awesome swimmer.
Story: I was turning 2 years old when I came to live with my family. My first people needed a new home for me and asked my wonderful groomer. She knew Matt and Mom were missing Johann (Golden Retriever, like me) - he had lived with them 13 years... So she put us together!
I would like to recommend my favorite book ever, Life Is Good, by Trixie Koontz (makes a nice gift and the profit goes to dogs that help people!). Please tell others about it.

Staff: Sandy and Matt Burkett
Home: Munson, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: December 28, 2005

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