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With PaPa Kevin and Our Granddaughter Merci
Lucky at 16 Months

Dancing in His Cinderella Outfit With Great-PaPa Freddie, Practicing for Merci's Visit

Getting a Kiss from Merci

Dancing with Merci

Breed: Jack Russell TerrierWeight: 20 pounds
Gender: MaleBirthday: July 27, 2004
Favorite Food: He loves Flint River Ranch Trout and Potato food and Lamb and Millet Wafer Treats. The only "people food" he gets is an ice cube, which he seems to think is a treat! We think it's because it's the only thing we GIVE him except Flint River. I give him one and he runs into the living room to show "his Daddy." Then he prefers to lie in front of the heater while he crunches it.

His favorite "people food" is whatever he can "sneak" into that has been left within his reach. With his uncanny ability to jump and climb, we have to make a concentrated point to keep all out of his sight, because anything left within his reach he claims. Even a bag of chips with a clip on it is no challenge for him. He somehow gets the clip off, opens the bag without tearing it, and has himself a snack.

Favorite Activities: His favorite activities are playing with his dog toys both by himself and with us. He loves to play tug of war. If he gets the toy then he loves to play keep away. He has some amazing "Dante Hall" moves! He loves to wrestle tough-guy style with Kevin, "his Daddy," but he wrestles gently with our granddaughter Merci and me, "his Mama".

He also chases squirrels and tries to climb trees when they seek refuge there. He loves to try to catch flies, grasshoppers, and moths, but tree frogs and crickets are his favorites. It takes a while sometimes, but he always manages to catch them! Same goes for a couple field mice that made their way into our house this winter.

Favorite Place to Sleep: His favorite sleeping place is in our bed, preferably between us. If it's cold, he noses his way under the covers. While watching television, he lies by me where the heater is or he lays his head on my husband's feet.

Oh, and if any animal comes on TV, he watches it intensely, then tries to get behind the TV to find his new friend! As strange as it may sound, when Animal Planet comes on he is glued to the TV. He sits up and watches very intently until a commercial comes on.

Special Skills or Responsibilities: Kevin has taught Lucky the usual stuff like "sit," "lie down," and to shake hands. However Lucky does know his right paw from his left one, catches treats in his mouth (he rarely misses), fetches his ball, and catches his ball in mid-air. We think he must be "spring loaded" as when we get home at night he jumps unbelievably high in the air. In fact, my husband stands 6' 2" tall and he can jump into his arms.

His speed is also unbelievable. Kevin calls him a "pocket rocket"! Especially after his bath (we think he's trying to "air dry" himself) or after playing outside in the cold, he races through the house for several minutes before he settles down. Oh, and he can be in full run and stop on a dime!

His biggest responsibility is to help Kevin protect me and Merci. Lucky takes this responsibility very seriously, as we found out Christmas Eve when our son JR was home on leave from Germany. He was chasing his daughter Merci and when he heard her squeal, Lucky was right on JR's heels in a second, barking and placing himself in between them!

Story: We got Lucky when he was approximately nine months old. Kevin's step-brother Ron and his wife Christy inherited him from her daughter who could no longer keep him. They had several pets already, including a potbellied pig, so they needed to find a good home for him and we were "lucky" enough to get him! He chews on nothing but his toys. He has never gone after any shoes, which are always within his reach.

Staff: Kevin Barnes and Kay Carter-Barnes
Home: Kansas City, MO
Date Entered into Gallery: January 11, 2006

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