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"Sometimes I sits and thinks... and sometimes I just sits."
Kersee at 6 Years

After a Long Day of Napping, Ely Settles in for Another Nap
Ely at 6 Years

Our Nephew and Niece, Chase and Mackenzie, Are Visiting

Sitting Pretty

Breed: BoxerGender: Female
Favorite Place to Sleep: Kersee is all about comfort. She has a nice, big, soft, fluffy dog bed, but she prefers her mom's nice, big, soft, fluffy people bed... after all, a puppy needs a pillow doesn't she? She also has been known to curl up in down comforters as well.
Ely and Kersee love their nephew Chase and niece Mackenzie, especially when they come bearing treats.

Kersee is always ready to pose when the camera comes out.

Breed: BoxerGender: Male
Favorite Food: They both eat only Flint River Ranch dog food. I started feeding them that a few months ago and their coats are much softer and shinier now, and they like Flint River Ranch much better than any other dog food I have tried. They said to tell you they are your customers for life!
Story: About 4 years ago, Kersee got her very own dog, Ely, who is also a Boxer and was badly in need of a good home. Though you'd never know it from looking at him now, Ely was rescued from a very bad situation. He was left chained up to a tree, barely fed and never played with. When Kersee got him, he was skin and bones, his hair had fallen out in clumps, he was starved for attention, and he had a terrible heartworm infestation. But Kersee nursed him back to heath, taught him how to play, and they are inseparable.

Staff: Kim Macfarlan
Home: Charlotte, NC
Date Entered into Gallery: April 17, 2003

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