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Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday To Me, Happy Birthday Dear Cyrus, Happy Birthday To Me!
Cyrus Nigel at 5 Years

Cyrus Nigel
Breed: American Pit Bull Terrier/Staffordshire Bull Terrier MixWeight: 90 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Dog food made from fish... or anything else fish-flavored, for that matter. That probably resulted from being raised with a cat whose food dish he used to constantly raid. White bread, which he steals by the loaf whenever the opportunity presents itself.
Favorite Activities: 1) Napping--he actually gets excited if you ask him, "Do you want to go take a nap?" He hops up on the bed and tries to get under the covers before you get there. He also never gets up before 10:00 am, no matter what time we get up. If you make him get up, he will flop on the floor in whatever room you're in, let out a huge sigh, and go back to sleep. 2) Car rides--especially anywhere where there's a drive thru, since he usually gets a treat. The women who work at our bank love him. 3) Going to the vet, which is a blessing since he spends so much time there. Allergies upon allergies, a thyroid condition, and joint problems make us pretty regular (once a month or so) patients.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Under the covers, with his head next to my feet, and as close as he can possibly get without actually being on top of me.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: No matter what kind of day I've had, he can always make me laugh. He is a constant bright spot in our lives. We love him unconditionally, and he has always more than returned the favor.
Story: Rescued from a backyard breeder, Cyrus was the result of a mating between two purebred dogs of different breeds, and the "breeder" had no interest in him or any of his littermates. Sadly, only Cyrus and one other dog, a female puppy from another litter, survived the deplorable conditions there. He's been with us since he was three weeks and six days old, so he has some issues--he's lacking in some normal dog behaviors he would have picked up from his mother and littermates had they survived or been in better conditions (the "breeder" had already permanently separated the mother and pups once the pups reached three weeks of age), and he is extremely co-dependent and people-centered, but we love him dearly and couldn't imagine our lives without him.

Staff: Victoria and Joshua
Home: New Port Richey, FL
Date Entered into Gallery: January 18, 2006

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