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Cooper at 2 Years

Breed: Cocker Spaniel (American)Weight: 20 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Apples, cheese, treats, Flint River.
Favorite Activities: Long walks, daily "playtime" at the neighborhood Commons (park) where he catches up with all his four legged friends.
Favorite Place to Sleep: Daytime it is the sofa in a corner in a small ball; nighttime it is our bed.
Special Skills or Responsibilities: On command he twirls in the air for a treat, rolls over for a treat, runs between my husband and I for treats when he needs exercising. He is in charge of helping to take out the garbage which he does faithfully. He is in charge of barking when something does not belong in the middle of the floor such as a box. He is in charge of protecting us when the doorbell rings. He steals socks so we warn visitors not to leave them on the floor.
Story: Cooper comes from parents who were show dogs and he walks like he is in a dog show. But, he is our pet, we love him, and make sure he has fun; he does not participate in dog shows. He loves his puppy friends that he visits each day to catch up on news, he is devoted to both my husband and I, and is pretty adaptable. He went to puppy kindergarten class, dog training I and II, clicker training, and others so he was brought up around other dogs with an understanding of how to be sociable. He is welcome at people's homes because he is so good. He likes to cuddle, and play.
We went to a homeopathic vet for our black extremely overweight cocker spaniel, Mickey, who had an unbelievable number of health problems including skin, seizures, ear, etc. The vet told us about Flint River's food, how it is baked, and has none of the chemicals many of the other dog food has, particularly those purchased at grocery stores. Our Mickey lost a lot of weight, his fur was beautiful again, and he was happy for another 6 months before we had to put him down for a tumor in his belly. Naturally we felt that Cooper should deserve such great dog food and he has not eaten anything but Flint River. Sweetest pet we ever had. Everyone wants a "Cooper" that meets him.

Staff: Elaine Farrell
Home: Mechanicsburg, PA
Date Entered into Gallery: February 14, 2006

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