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Josephine at 6 Months (left) and Napoleon at 1 Year

Breed: French BulldogWeight: 13 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: Loves peanut butter, cheese, and, of course, her Flint River food!
Nickname: JoJo
Favorite Activities: Loves to wrestle with Napoleon and show him who's boss.
Story: She was born in Texas and flew in to Newark Airport where she was welcomed by her new family!!

Breed: French BulldogWeight: 26 pounds
Gender: Male
Favorite Food: Loves food and is very polite (especially when he knows that something is cooking on the stove).
Favorite Activities: Loves to steal my slippers and runs away with them, gives in to JoJo when she wants his toys, and loves to sit on my lap.
Story: He was born in St. Louis, Missouri and also flew in to Newark Airport.
They both like to gang up on Willow (our cat) and corner her but I don't allow too much of that. he he he

Staff: Janet Pepe and Sedeke Covington
Home: Morristown, NJ
Date Entered into Gallery: February 27, 2006

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