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"I know you can feed me more Turkey."

Bedtime Express

Miss Bunny (left) and Kitty

"Arrrr!" At Halloween

Breed: Domestic Mediumhair CatWeight: 10 pounds
Gender: Female
Favorite Food: I've always loved turkey and milk! My favorite meal is Pinto Canyon Turkey Recipe sprinkled with Daily Boost — turkey and milk! And I do like to steal Bunny's hay!
Favorite Place to Sleep: I like to sleep on the dresser and on Mark's chest.
Story: I was injured and homeless, living outside for about a year. Mark and Kim fed me, but I wouldn't let them come close to me. Finally, it got so cold that Kim set a trap for me... one cold winter night, January 5, 2005. I wouldn't risk it for tuna, salmon, chicken, or all the other foods they tried, but I couldn't resist turkey. Boy, did I scare Kim good when she came to check the trap in the dark. Hissssss. I had mites, so I slept that night in my trap in the garage, but it was warmer than outside, and I had food and water. It would be too hot inside anyway.

I was a mess! I had ear mites and one ear was just about torn off. I was cut and bloody, tired, and hungry. Kim took me to the vet in my trap, and carefully took me out while the vet cowered in the corner, expecting me to misbehave. I knew I had found my family and I started purring and kneading the table! I was saved and I knew it!

I'm so glad Kim took me in so I can be with Mark.

Now I am one spoiled, happy Kitty!
It took a long time to get me fixed up. My ears will never be quite right and what was left of my left ear pinna had to be removed. I had an upper respiratory infection that wouldn't go away for months; a few days of Microbial Paste completely cleared it up!

I continue to eat Daily Boost Probiotics every day - it tastes like milk and I love it! I'll eat it by itself, on my food, or mixed with water. And it really helps me feel perky, and stay "regular" - with less odor! Kim puts mineral oil in my ears every few weeks - I guess the mites made my ears itchy forever, but mineral soothes them and keeps the wax out.
The vet said I was approximately 5 years old when I was rescued in January 2005. I'm almost 20 years old!
Just like most cats (and humans!), I don't drink enough water. And now, like most older cats, I have kidney disease. We tried adding all kinds of things to water to get me to drink. What do I like best? Of course, I like my Pinto Canyon Turkey Recipe covered in water! I drink *all* the water on it! And it doesn't float and get all mushy like extruded food! I love it and it has helped stave off my kidney disease!

Miss Bunny
Gender: Female
My story is long and involved and I just can't tell it all on this page. I have another Pet Gallery entry with my sweet Bubba-girl: 162. And check out my blog for more pictures and stories! Miss Bunny Tales

Staff: Mark and Kim M.
Home: Sammamish, WA
Date Entered into Gallery: May 5, 2005

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