Pinto Canyon Oven-Baked Dog Food

We serve what pets deserve!

—nutritious oven-baked food with safe ingredients.

Our mission:  We're passionate about pet food! Our pets love us unconditionally, and they deserve the best. Our goal is to provide:

As a family-owned business, we pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity, and our outstanding "old-fashioned" customer service. We're so excited about our tasty oven-baked Pinto Canyon pet foods! Our pets are over the moon!

Our history:  We opened our online store, Flint River Trading Company, at in 1998. Customers inquired about Flint River Ranch pet food, which wasn't yet sold online.

We fed Flint River Ranch to our pets, they loved it, and we were excited to sell it in our store. Flint River Ranch was later sold by many online distributors; you shopped with us because of our low prices and excellent customer service. Flint River Ranch went out of business in 2016.

We couldn't find another food that met our high standards, so we decided to bake it ourselves! We did it, and it's amazing!

We're convinced that oven-baking is essential for maximum digestibility and absorption of our high-quality ingredients. Read what customers say about oven-baked food. We continue to serve pets at because that's where our customers know to go for quality pet food and excellent customer service!

It's been a complete delight to serve your pets since 1998! Not only do we enjoy serving your pets, we've made online shopping convenient, easy, and informative. We provide thorough information so you know every ingredient in your pet's food is safe and wholesome. Our website isn't flashy, just easy to use. And shipping is always free.

How did you do it? It wasn't easy! We consulted with veterinarians, nutritionists, and feeding experts; we toured baking facilities and warehouses; we researched ingredients; we tasted it; dogs love it!

Is it safe? Safety is our top priority! Understanding what’s in pet food has become unreasonably complicated, and recalls are far too common. It can be very disconcerting to pet owners that want the very best food for their pet—how can you be sure your pet's food is safe?

You can have complete confidence in the safety of our foods:

You know it's safe. Your pets know it tastes great!

Where is Pinto Canyon? We named our pet food after our dogs' favorite place to run: a sunny place in West Texas that the locals call Pinto Canyon. Our owner learned to drive on Pinto Canyon Road. Pinto means "paint" in Spanish; the vast, wild, and lonely canyons are naturally painted with the yellow of sulfur, red of copper, and pale green of limestone. It's gorgeous!

Our customers say it best…  

"You have been so kind and caring and eager to provide exceptional info and service to your customers. How can we ever thank you for all you have done? You are the greatest!" Wilma

"You have the highest level of proactive customer service I have ever been privy to. Thanks for being great." Genie M., Cedar Rapids, IA

"You have one of the easiest sites I use. It took me less than one minute to make my order... including change of credit card. You knew I was on your site yesterday, even though I did not make a purchase. Whoever designed your site did a fabulous job." Richard

"I LOVE your site, it's so informational! The food is the best too! Thank you!!" Brandi

"Love your product,love your site,love your company.You make shopping easy and very pleasant. We are lucky to find you.Thank you." Leo

"love your site and the food. Actually the dog likes the food, I do the internet. I actually tried the food myself, it's better than milkbone. lol" Edward

"Yes, I would like to try your automatic ordering. Please sign me up. I love how you guys take such great care of your customers!! Thank you." Loretta

"Thank you for checking on the replacement order. I did receive it, and my dog is enjoying it! I have to say your customer service is excellent! I didn't even realize something was wrong with my order until you let me know and that it was already being taken care of was great. So thanks again for checking in, and being such a great company! Have a good day!" Greg S.

"You have the BEST ordering system EVER. :-)" Elizabeth

"Thank you and best wishes to you all during this difficult time! You guys ROCK!!" Roxana

"Thank you for helping me out!!! Your company is the best!!! Customer service is excellent and the dog food rates 5 stars. Merry Christmas."

"Could I hand over all the rest of my complicated schedule to you so that you could keep my household running smoothly? You've managed to provide a little organization to my life! This is absolutely the only automated order system I have ever used that has made my life easier! I've had to cancel any other system I've tried to use, because I suddenly receive items I don't yet need, or DON'T receive items I thought I had arranged to have delivered. You have arranged a system that truly works wonderfully, since first you send an inquiry with the ease of cancelling, postponing or ordering with a simple click. I'm recommending you to everyone I know! Wonderful service and excellent dog food! THANK YOU!!!" Robb D., Williamstown, MA

"I just want to thank Flint River for the condolences offered to me regarding the passing of my dachshund, Bailey. I've never dealt with a company so compassionate. When I rec'd your sympathy card, I cried. I love your product and continue to recommend it to all my friends. Thank you again. :)" Gerri

"Thank you for the lovely and touching Sympathy card you sent in regard to Minnie Bug's passing. It was one of the best I received and will stay with her things forever. Who else can say their dog food company sends them a card when their beloved pet passes! Thank you again! You're the best! " Faith

"Thank you so much for the beautiful sympathy card for Kasey. It meant so much to me. I still miss him so much but it is a joy to have Harley. He is my sidekick and is full of love and mischief. Thanks again for caring." Nancy

"Hey Flint River Folk, I got the sympathy card y'all sent following the passing of my good buddy, Radar. What a unbelievably thoughtful thing to do! Dog people are the best. Thanks so much for thinking of us. I was just so surprised and touched. XOXO" Kathryn

"Thank you for your kind sympathy card for our dog "Sunshine". YOU ARE THE BEST!!! Couldn't imagine purchasing our dog food from anywhere else. God bless your business and staff." Al and Debbie

"I did receive the order on Sat and Titus and Sampson asked that I pass along their gratitude. :) Yes I am once again very pleased with the service provides. Thank you for the best customer service I have seen in any industry." Ron

"This is the most efficient site I deal with....I can get on this, place an order and be done in about a minute." Jim

"Your website is unquestionably the most efficiently designed and easily understood of any I have experienced. It goes without saying that your products far and away leave your wannabe competitors in the dust!" Roger

"This was one of the easiest on-line shopping experiences that I have had. I appreciate that it only took about 10 minutes to register, order & be done. Thank you." Joseph

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We look forward to many more years of serving your pets!

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