Storage and Shelf Life

Store Pinto Canyon pet food in the bag it's shipped in. Storing in a plastic container can change the flavor and aroma of the food—and not for the best. Cats and dogs don't like the smell of plastic! Also, plastics absorb oils that go rancid inside the plastic and can't be washed out. This oil then contaminates fresh food, which may cause health problems, allergy symptoms, and your pet may quit eating their food!

You may not notice any issues for years, then one day your pet will quit eating or get sick and the reason won't be obvious, which may result in unnecessary vet bills! So please keep it in its bag!

If you need to protect the bag from pests, put the entire bag into a container.

If you must put Pinto Canyon in another container, glass or ceramic is preferred, such as a cookie jar, flour jar, or a mason jar. If you must use plastic, use only food-grade plastic, and completely wash and dry the container each time you receive a new bag. If your pet loses interest in the food, feed directly from the bag.

We can help you determine just the right amount to buy to get the best value, while keeping a reasonable amount on hand! Just ask!

We're extremely careful about storage after baking. Pinto Canyon Pet Food is only available from our online store because we must have complete control over storage. Our food is kept in climate-controlled, food-grade warehouses, so it stays super fresh, cool and dry all year long!

Our storage requirements are typical of all dry pet food: Pet MD: How to keep dog food fresh

Freezing or refrigeration is not recommended. The reason is that condensation may build up between the food and the bag when its removed from the refrigerator or freezer. The condensation will then cause the food to mold.

Based on your pet's weight or feeding amount we can let you know how long each bag will last so that you buy just the right amount for your storage requirements. For example, 1 bag will feed a 50-pound dog for about one month. Just ask! We're happy to help!

If you must freeze or refrigerate, we recommend that you put it in a plain paper bag while it returns to room temperature so that any condensation can evaporate immediately.

Shelf life: The "BEST BEFORE" date that is stamped on every bag of Pinto Canyon kibble is 1 year from the date it was baked. We're very conservative with our dates. Testing shows that our food can be enjoyed for 2 years from the date it was baked; however, we're committed to freshness so we make sure your pet's food is enjoyed no more than a year from baking. However, if stored in a cool, dry location, it can be eaten up to a year after the "BEST BEFORE" date on the bag.

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