Storage and Shelf Life

SHELF LIFE: Pinto Canyon kibble has a shelf life of 12 months, whether opened or not. All products have a "Best Used By" date on them, and, if stored properly, the food can be used 3 months beyond that date.

STORAGE: We recommend keeping the food in the bag that it is shipped in; this ensures that no contamination will occur from another container that is not cleaned regularly or thoroughly. Refrigeration is not necessary, but may extend the shelf life, particularly if your situation is borderline, such as high humidity, with several months storage before the food is eaten.

MILDEW SPOILAGE: Natural pet foods attract moisture quickly, which can turn into mildew spoilage overnight in the summer weather and high humidity areas. Store all pet food in a dry, cool place.

INFESTATION: MOTHS — WORMS — INSECTS: The heat in manufacturing destroys any potential insect eggs that might be left after the cleaning process. If the food is not properly stored after purchase or if the bag is left open, it will attract ants, flying bugs, and insects that lay eggs in the nutritious food. In an extremely short time, these eggs turn into worms and moths. This problem appears in all food and pet food; however, it is more frequent in natural pet foods, such as Pinto Canyon. All pet food must be stored in a dry, cool place and sealed to reduce the chance of insect infestation.

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