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Probiotics for Pets FAQ

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What are probiotics?
How do probiotics benefit your pet?
Why is it important for probiotics to be separate from food?
Why do probiotics require refrigeration?
Are probiotics easy to feed?

What are probiotics? Return to Top

Probiotics are bacteria and yeast microorganisms and enzymes that naturally occur in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) of all mammals. Hundreds of species of microorganisms in the GIT form a natural protective barrier against pathogens, and are essential to good health and a strong immune system. Read more

How do probiotics benefit your pet? Return to Top

Digestive issues, such as picky eating, insatiable appetite, coprophagia, food intolerance or food sensitivities may indicate a microbial imbalance. Issues seemingly unrelated to digestion, such as stress or allergies, may be related to GIT issues.

Even pet lovers like you can't remove all stress from their lives. Separation anxiety often plays a significant role in depleting the population of beneficial microorganisms.

Treat your pet to health and well-being with our all-natural probiotic supplement! Read more

Why is it important for probiotics to be separate from food? Return to Top

You may have noticed other pet foods have probiotics cooked in. Our unique approach maintains viability and provides maximum benefit: our probiotics aren't subjected to the heat of cooking, the feeding amount can be adjusted, and they can be kept refrigerated so that the microorganisms are kept alive and dormant. Read more

Why do probiotics require refrigeration? Return to Top

Most probiotics, whether in pill, capsule, or liquid form, require refrigeration to maintain viability. The various strains of beneficial bacteria in our probiotic supplements require refrigeration for the same reasons as our food: to slow the maturation of bacteria. The beneficial bacteria must remain dormant until reaching the warmth of the gastrointestinal tract (GIT) where they'll mature and proliferate, benefitting your pet! If they mature in the bottle, they'll die due to lack of food. Left at room temperature, probiotics will not "go bad" per se —they won't harm your pet— but they'll have lowered potency and decreased benefit.

Are probiotics easy to feed? Return to Top

Yes! Simply sprinkle on top of their favorite Pinto Canyon recipe or mix with lukewarm water! Even finicky cats love it!

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