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What Our Customers Are Saying...

"Charlie is doing great on your probiotics. It has really helped with his acid reflux. He hasn't had an episode since I started adding it to his food. And, I've been able to increase the amount of his meals from 100 grams to 130 grams." Amy S., Pasadena, TX, November, 2018

"The probiotics have helped Buddy's allergies. He is not itching his face or ears as much. His eyes are not as runny when he goes outside in the weeds." Wendy K., Farmington Hills, MI, September, 2018

"What gas? ;-) 1 Tablespoon Buddy Boost probiotics at each meal along with 2 spoons of pure pumpkin has completely taken care of Josie's gas. (And Greyhounds are notorious for gas.) " Liz C., Ocean City, NJ, August, 2017

"Tai is a 13.5 year old Shih Tzu. Several years ago she had digestive problems and would frequently get diarrhea and it would sometimes be bloody. A friend suggested trying the probiotics and we have used them ever since. It did the trick and very, very rarely does she get an upset tummy or diarrhea. That usually only happens when some well-meaning guest slips her people food." Pat T., Shelton, WA, May, 2018

"Just want to say what a pleasure it is to do business with you and have you serve my little old man Toby. He has not had a digestion problem since I have been feeding him the Pinto Canyon Salmon & Sweet Potato and also the Buddy Boost Probiotics suggested by you. Thank you so much and I appreciate your great customer service. Merry Christmas. Sharon" Sharon B., Pueblo, CO, December 23, 2017

"I received my order and i must tell you Judah (black lab) , Daisy, and Mikko all love the Buddy Boost. Daisy eats it on her food, Mikko loves it right from the bowl as a powder or mixed with a tiny bit of water. She licks the bowl dry. Judah licks it all up in 2 swipes of his tongue." Jamie E., Columbus Grove, OH, December, 2017

"I did not observe a dramatic difference in my dogs when I began using probiotics. But as they age (currently 11 years old), their bowel habits remain regular and they have no digestive issues. I am sure that probiotics play an important role in their digestive health. Thank you for always providing a good product, along with great customer service." Dr. C.K. Krueger, Hartsville, SC, October, 2017

"I order your probiotics for the cats in our adoption program - we typically see 400-450 cats/year come through our open concept program, and probiotics on a regular basis are vital to keeping cats healthy when they are stressed." Marylou Z., Program Director, PAWS of Bainbridge & North Kitsap, Poulsbo, WA, April, 2015

"I just wanted to tell you that the Probiotics for cats I bought have finally helped my 2 year old "previously-feral" cat to lose the "dairy queen" consistency of the litter box deposits... WHAT a RELIEF!!! Both for her AND for me. I guess we'll be using that powder forever!! I can't believe my baby struggled with this IBS-like syndrome for so long, and no vet solution worked until I got that powder!... DO NOT STOP MAKING IT. PLEASE!!!!" Lyndarae M., Satsuma, FL, April, 2015

"We have two small mini schnauzers. They are black and both have trouble with their stomachs, so are on a very low fat diet. Your probiotic supplement really seems to help them. Haven't had nearly so many upsets since we started them on it. Thank you." Nancy P., Scurry, TX, February, 2015 Pet Gallery: Gidget and Dolly

"I can't even begin to tell you how much your food and the probiotic powder have helped my doggies. They are all so happy and healthy! I have converted so many people to using your food and powder! Every single one has come back to me to tell me how much of a positive difference it has made with their doggies!" Heather S., Bakersfield, CA, September, 2012 Pet Gallery: Eleanore, Agnus, Doodlebug, and Norman

"It has been a couple of months now since Charlee last had a vomiting episode which coincides with when I cut back her daily feeding a little bit and add a tsp of probiotics daily. Bad luck to brag but it sure seems to have done the trick. Thanks for your help and advice. Incidentally, Charlee seems to like the taste of the probiotics sprinkled on top of her regular food. Dropped the yogurt and/or pumpkin!!" Dan A., Morro Bay, CA, January, 2012 Pet Gallery: Charlee

"I just received the probiotics for Wizard and oh my gosh to my amazement I have put it on his kibble food and he actually licks it off his food, when he's hungry he eats it with his food, but it is so funny to watch him, he will pick the food out of his dish and lick off probiotics. And leave the food on the tile. He LOVES it." Cheryle C., Belleair Beach, FL, January, 2012

"Can't thank you enough for the Probiotics supplement for cats. My cat was on the way to a mega-colon with BM's only every 3 days and crying when doing so. Now we have daily BM's and no more crying. Thank you." Sandra H., Belmont, CA, August, 2011

"Hello, My husband and I are happy to write and let you know that we recently ordered probiotics along with the dog food. We have two poms, Chyna and Ena. Chyna is the elder of the two. She is very small and has always suffered from stomach problems. Whenever she is stressed, she gets a bout of gas and won't eat for at least a day or so. Ena doesn't have this condition, but she has always had messy stools, either too loose or too dry and pastey. We happened to come upon the information on your website and decided to give the probiotics a try. One and a half weeks later, we already notice a difference! Ena is regular and Chyna has not had a problem with tummy gas and pain! We cannot thank you enough for providing a solution after seven years of going to vet after vet with no relief for Chyna! We've had suggestions like, increase her fiber, make her drink more water, feed her homemade food - but nothing worked. We are going to recommend your website to all our dog-loving friends. By the way, your company was recommended to us by a coworker who even gave us a couple of samples from his big bag of Flint River millet! Thank you SO MUCH for helping our little girls get relief! " Norman and Leonor R., Des Plaines, IL, February, 2011 Pet Gallery: Ena and Chyna

"The probiotic was a miracle-worker for her, a couple of years ago. She had constant diarrhea - your probiotics stopped it completely and immediately. She has been fine, since, with the daily dose in her diet. I know she feels better and is more alert and interested in her surroundings and household events..." Linda S., Fairfax, VT, November, 2010 Pet Gallery: Kitty

"My dogs are healthier and happier because of your fantastic foods and probiotics. Thank you for giving us food for our best friends that they deserve." Donna F., Murphy, NC, October, 2010

"Attached is a picture of my 3 year Bloodhound, Eleanore June. She decided to dive into the trash can today and remove the empty Buddy Boost probiotic container!! She is licking the inside of the container!!!! Eleanore and her sister Agnus June love the Buddy Boost powder! Thank you!!" Heather S., Bakersfield, CA, July 2010 Pet Gallery: Eleanore June

"Hi: I just wanted to show off my Great Dane, Fiona. Her AKC name is Wolke's Queen of Hearts. She was bred by Joan Wolke in Southern California and is nearly 2 yrs. old. We're getting ready to breed her, paying special care to her diet. Your probiotics have made such a difference in her health and shape. She's gone from good dog to awesome dog.

In the attached picture she's posing for me atop the straw wall we're building. She loves to climb up to the top of a 30 ft. pile of straw and look down on the yard. She's quite the athlete, jumping over 6'8" to retrieve a treat or toy from my hand or to jump over the bales.. She also serves as a cane for me. My back is bad and she stands next to me when I need support (she always seems to know) and she stabilizes herself so I can use her strength. Isn't she simply the best?" Julie J., Hesperia, CA, March, 2010 Pet Gallery: Fiona

"Your site explained the need and benefits of probiotics in the clearest manner which most resembled my Physician's speech to me when I started taking probiotics." M. Waldron, Chicago, IL, July, 2009

"In the week that I have been feeding my dogs the FRR Lamb/Millet/Rice Kibble and using the Probiotic Supplement my babies entire lives have changed. They have all six been on prescription dog foods ranging from 3 months to 13 years. It has been a roller coaster ride of vomiting and diarrhea and all the while trying to find the right food. I have spent hours online researching food and have tried several supposedly great brands. By fate I found information about your food and the probiotics. It is a miracle. I started switching everyone over to your food and probiotics on Tuesday, April 24, 2007 and in the last week I have went from cleaning up vomit three to four times daily to one time this last week. The diarrhea has virtually disappeared as well. You have not only improved the health and well being of my babies but mine as well. Thank you and God bless you for all that you do for pets and their families." B. Bloodworth, Turtle Lake, ND

"I want to tell you what a wonderful product the Buddy Boost is. I have a 10 year old dog who has an undiagnosed autoimmune disorder. After nearly dying at the age of 7, she has been doing fairly well on prednisone for the last 3 years. I say fairly well because she's much more stable now but still has occasional relapses with fevers, weakness, and neurological symptoms. She also has had difficulty from time to time with diarrhea, flatulence, vomiting, constipation, bad breath, extremely poor coat and skin, lethargy, mild confusion, and cloudy watery eyes.

Three weeks ago my daughter gave me a big scoop of Buddy Boost for Mandy. I could see a definite improvement in just a few days. After 3 weeks, the changes are dramatic and amazing! All of the intestinal troubles have subsided and her breath is markedly improved. Friends who haven't seen her in 2 weeks are commenting (independently of each other) on the improvement in her coat. Her stamina is indredible and she's able to run at top speed and keep up with younger, bigger dogs.

While she still has the underlying disease and will probably be on medication for the rest of her life, she's doing the best she's ever done in three years. I don't need to tell you how heartwarming it is to see her living life with enthusiasm again!

Thank you for a wonderful product. Don't ever stop making it available!" G. Kahles, Apple Valley, CA

"I am a small Miniature Dachshund Breeder and my dogs love your food! I also have one spayed female with conjestive heart failure - I put her on the Senior Plus and the MSE Liquid Rescue. What a difference in the way she acts and feels in just two weeks!!! Thanks so much!!!!" J. Bishop, Atascadero, CA

"My dog is suffering from IBT due to Lyme disease. He is on heavy antibiotics and predisone. Rescue has helped maintain his overall health and bowel function in this difficult time." M. Cemeno, Branford, CT

"The picture of Angus was taken in in the truck he loves to ride and go places . Angus is leash trained and we have recently started hiking as the local park. He is prone to getting a upper resp virus and sneezes alot . I have notice since being on the Natural Defense he has shown a huge improvement. It has also helped his "gas problem". Pixie is our little Princess. Very content on being a house kitty and a cuddlier. She had IBS and I could not get it under control . After confirming with the vet that is was not "serious" , I changed food and put her on the Natural Defense .. less than a week I have a happy kitty and a she has an even happier human. Thank you Flint River" C. Chambers, Dallas, TX Pet Gallery: Angus and Pixie

" I have to tell you, your Probiotic Supplement seems to have turned my pet's digestive system around. I'm hoping that his good digestion continues. He has had a pattern of digestive upsets that seem to occur every 3 or 4 months. I wanted to wean him off of the antibiotic the vet had him on (Metronidizole) even though she said it wouldn't be a bad thing for him to be on that the rest of his life. But I was resistant against this advice. I started Chopper on your Probiotic product and so far so good. I will let you know come April/May to see if he has returned to his pattern of digestive upset or if your product has solved his issues for good. I will tell you that your product has definitely solved his tear staining problem that he's had since he was a puppy. He's a Shih-Tzu/Maltese mix - he is all white except for the bottoms of his ears, so the tear stains were always very obvious. But not anymore! Thank you for a wonderful product!!" D. Shabrach, Middletown, DE

" Spunky's tummy problem is getting under control now that we have him on the Buddy Boost." G. Padaong, Redwood City, CA Pet Gallery: Pepper and Spunky

" My husband and I share our lives with five little dogs. One very young, one middle aged and three senior dogs. One of our senior dogs, Daisy, has suffered from digestive problems all her life. To add to her woes a medical procedure almost killed her and temporarily left her unable to eat, drink or move. She was syringe fed for weeks and when she was able to feed on her own she had no appetite. Twice a day I would hand feed her and often try several foods until I'd find one she liked. She would eat some foods for a day, maybe two, then lose interest and the search was on again. We've been doing this for a year and a half. Then I found out about your dog food. A few weeks ago I ordered a bag of Senior Plus, Jubilee Wafers and Probiotics. From the first serving of Flint River Ranch dog food our Daisy has eaten it twice a day with a little Probiotics and a few drops of water sprinkled over it. She eats all she gets and consumes bits of Jubilee Wafers when offered throughout the day. She has put on some weight and has more energy. When my husband commented this morning on how he noticed our Daisy had a "spring in her step" I decided to write to you and thank you for your wonderful products. I will happily remain a customer as long as Daisy, and the other four little ones, enjoy Flint River Ranch products. Thank you, again." F. Shepherd (and Daisy, of course), Richmond, IN

" Awesome... Great... Seamless and my Labs love this food! The Buddy Boost has made the air in my house SWEETER!! Thank you!!!" D. Chase, West Monroe, LA

" Hey thank you all. This Buddy Boost is awesome. Startoo had a sensitive system as in having the runs often, since we started Buddy Boost that almost never happens. His body odor and his breath have improved greatly. I never would have thought. Anyway, thanks for carrying such great products. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. God Bless." D. Gray, Moab, UT Pet Gallery: Startoo

" Your product Natural Defense Probiotic Supplement has done wonders for our 5-year old Miniature Schnauzer, Precious. Precious has severe allergies and is kept on a strict diet of Flint River Ranch Lamb, Millet, and Rice and occasionally your Fish and Chips for treats. She is very prone to bloating and has been treated for endotoxic shock syndrome too many times to mention. During the three months Precious took Natural Defense, she had only one episode of bloating within the first two weeks and thereafter she was without incident. Natural Defense is truly a miracle Product for Precious. P.S. Precious is my 16-year old daughter's 4-H Champion in Agility and Obedience! Despite her weakened immune system, Precious thrives on keeping active in 4-H and helping Cara teach agility and obedience to younger 4-H members and their dogs." R. Stitt, Spring Hill, TN Pet Gallery: Precious

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